Cookies policy

In the web browser you use, you can change the settings for cookies. The lack of such change means your acceptance for cookies used on the Website.


The website uses performance cookies, which are used to collect information about how to use the site to make it work better, and functional, that is, to "remember" user settings.


Cookies of third parties


When using the Website your browser may save cookies from third party entities such as: Google, Facebook. More information about the data stored in these files can be found on the websites of the above entities.


The level of protection against cookies can be set in your web browser - until cookies are completely blocked. This increases the level of security and data protection, but may also prevent some functions.


Changing settings in popular search engines


Google Chrome / In Google Chrome Settings, choose the Settings> Show advanced settings tab. In the "Privacy" section, you must click the Content Settings button. In the "Cookies" section, you can change the cookie settings.

Internet Explorer / From the browser menu (upper right corner): Tools> Internet Options> Privacy. Use the slider to set the level of protection against cookies, change the confirmation with the OK button.

Mozilla Firefox / From the browser menu: Tools> Options> Privacy. Activate the field Firefox: "will use user settings". About cookies (cookies) decide whether or not to accept cookies.

Opera / From the browser menu: Tool> Preferences> Advanced. The cookies decide whether or not to mark the cookies.